No Stains


Chrysa Skampltzi


Maastricht University
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Wat is/zijn jullie uitdaging(en)?

I would like to approach the challenge through the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and specifically SDG No6 on clean water and sanitation. Water availability is highly connected with the United Nations' Goals and a crucial issue of modern society.

Wat is jullie oplossing en hoe werkt het?

I would concentrate on the public domain, precisely on restaurants, cafes, etc. I would like to examine possible ways of how could water used for washing purposes be recycled in restaurants and cafes as these are places that use daily significantly big amounts of water. For example, I would like to research the possibility of a potential washing product with specific chemical elements -for example, soap tablet or washing powder consisting of activated carbon elements which could also be produced by the available raw materials that can be found in the region of Limburg- that could be used when washing the dishes/ glasses in restaurants, cafes, bars and which could dissolve the stains easier. Leading to less use of water than it is normally needed and also the washing machine could be set up at lower degrees concluding to a more mindful use of energy as well. Moreover, an innovative hydraulic system that would lead to the recycling of the used water would also be part of the solution by concentrating the used water from the washing machine into an external container which through pipes connected to the same washing machine could provide water for future uses of course after it is sanitized.

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No Stains