Babylon 2.0


Camilla Rinaldi - Dave Seah


Zuyd Hogeschool Maastricht
100% voortgang


Wat is/zijn jullie uitdaging(en)?

We want to improve the water usage in offices and make the people that work there more aware, as well as optimising the circulation of water.

Wat is jullie oplossing en hoe werkt het?

Our solution includes improving water usage in office buildings, in order to achieve this there would be various points to look into this solution from, the first and easiest steps would be spreading awareness within the office by hanging posters and by making mandatory trainings, so that the employees would also take this information into their day to day life and apply it in their household. The second part of the solution is a linking bridge between the worlds of urbanisation and agriculture: having the rooftops of office buildings turned into roof gardens that utilise rain water to grow fresh produce, most office buildings have flat tops that go unused, having a garden on top would not only look more aesthetically pleasing, but also benefit the micro organism wildlife. This space could also be turned into a public space or a break area for the employees, improving employee welfare. On top of that, it would create job opportunities.

Binnen welke focusgroep(en) valt jullie concept?

Landbouw, Openbare ruimtes, Industrie

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Wat is de naam van jullie concept?

Babylon 2.0