Project shift to Rainwater


Asse Boerties - Pietro Casotto


Zuyd Hogeschool Maastricht
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Wat is/zijn jullie uitdaging(en)?

There is a shortage of drinking water, but an abundance of rainwater. So, how can we shift the awareness of companies into using more rainwater within their facilities?

Wat is jullie oplossing en hoe werkt het?

We want to raise awareness among bigger corporations on the shortage of drinking water, with the intention to convince companies to use rainwater more often, or in greater masses within their water usage. We would encourage companies to create or install their own rainwater collection system (Or that WML/WBL/WL helps install such a system within the companies' premises), which would improve the image of the company with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility. Which is becoming ever more and more important among the consumers. Especially with the emphasis on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from NGOs and Governments.

Binnen welke focusgroep(en) valt jullie concept?

Huishoudens, Industrie

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Wat is de naam van jullie concept?

Project shift to Rainwater