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I am writing in regards to the issue of the "water jam". When reading the slides again, I think it is a behavioural issue, but one that I and I would also argue the public, are not very aware of.


I did not realise that my behaviour at 8 pm every night was causing a water jam. More importantly, I did not think a country in the Netherlands would encounter such an issue. I thought their technologies were so advanced, that they would not have issues as such. However, that was naive of me. That being said, I think it might be useful to create a campaign for awareness. If a sustainability science and policy student like myself did not have a clue, I don't know how aware the public is either. An example might be tv commercials (it is an expensive option and I don't know the budget is). However, I would argue this would be very beneficial - especially if it was shown at 7/8 pm - it would be almost interactive. If people had just taken a shower, you could argue they would relate and think about it more, in comparison to if it was at lunch. Also, I think it is at this time that most people really sit down and watch TV. I think a huge issue might be that it is impossible for certain individuals in society not to have a shower at night (work and school commitments). In that regard, I believe our target group could possibly be the elderly and asking/convincing them to take showers at other times of the day. Therefore, maybe consulting the public and having a diverse demographic attend a meeting might be key to understanding the barriers as to why they would not shower at other times, and maybe possible solutions they might have. This is a simple idea, it is not very well executed, but I'm speaking from my own experience of being unaware of the situation. Just like eating meat causing co2 and methane emissions, 5 years ago the general public was not very aware, and then documentaries such as Cowspiracy sent a message to the public. And although not everyone has decided to take action. I can guarantee that eating habits for many people have changed, and a lot more of the public are aware of their actions.

""Rush Hour: an issue of water""

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